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Job Application FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions to ETL Systems careers team. 

How do I apply for a job at ETL Systems?

You can apply for a position at ETL Systems Limited, by completing our Company Application Form and submitting it to

Can I just email my CV to you?

You can apply by submitting your CV, however there will be a series of follow up questions asked by HR which are included in the Application Form. By submitting the Application Form, you will be able answer everything we need at one time.

    What happens once I've applied for a role?

    1. It is very important when you write your application form you review the skill requirements of the role you are applying for to see if you match these.
    2. Once you have submitted your application form you will receive an acknowledgement email from HR to confirm receipt of your application.
    3. The HR team then undertakes the first initial CV sift to make sure your application form meets the requirements of the role.
    4. If your application is successful at this point your application form will sent across to the department hiring manager for CV sifting.
    5. We use several processes to select our team depending on the role ranging from telephone and face to face interviews, skype, skills assessments and psychometric profiling.

    How should I prepare for an interview?

    1. Before you attend the interview, do some research about the company you are interviewing with, there is nothing worse than being asked "what do you know about us?" and your answer being "I don't really know what you do" - having put in the time and effort will make a positive impression!

    2. Interviews are all about first impressions, so try to ensure your chosen outfit will give you the best opportunity to impress your potential employer! Plan your outfit the day before, you don't have to spend lots of money to look professional.

    3. Remember the importance of body language, some effective forms of body language include smiling, eye contact and active listening, looking as though you are engaged in the discussion will improve your chances of getting the job.

    4. Ask questions! Prepare a set of questions you would like to ask your interviewers, "what's the culture like?", "what development opportunities would be available to me if I'm successful?" having questions prepared will create a good impression because you have made the effort to be prepared!

    5. Thank your interviewers for their time, whether by person, email or phone call, following up with the interviewer will give you an edge over other candidates and put you in the forefront of the interviewers mind.

    I am from a recruitment agency - how do I go about working on an ETL Systems role?

    We have a preferred supplier list (PSL) of agencies that we work with and which we have built a strong business relationship with.
    We review the PSL from time to time and we ask that you contact the HR department directly via to discuss Terms and Conditions of the working relationship prior to carrying out any work on the vacancies we have. We ask you kindly not to call through to the switchboard or HR department directly and all enquiries are to be sent to

    How can I submit my CV for work experience?

    You can submit your interest for work experience by sending your CV and a cover letter to

    I'm interested in a job at ETL Systems but there aren't any vacancies that match my experience, what should I do?

    If there isn't a role listed in the department you're interested in, please register your interest on our job interest application form here and we will notify you when a new vacancy has been added to our website. New roles are constantly being added to the website for jobs in our Hereford, Watford, Braintree and international offices.