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Custom Build

Custom Build RF Equipment

ETL has an extensive product range and many RF products are the result of customer build requirements. This is the essence of ETL's RF skills as no two satellite operators have the same challenges.

Our dedicated RF design and mechanical engineering team can work with you to solve your RF signal handling challenges. We have over 35 years experience of providing solutions, such as extra redundancy, specific RF performance or even building chassis to fit certain architecture.
Custom Build Design

How do I get a Custom Solution?

Please contact us directly and we can work with you to define the product or even technical specifications you require. From this starting point we will then evaluate if it is within our capabilities, complete an outline design and prepare a firm price quotation. From this point, all we need is a PO to start. As the project progresses, we will keep you involved in the design and build process.

When contacting the ETL team, please remember to include things like RF connectors, impedances, dual or single PSU's, remote control ports, and any special RF parameters, such as insertion or return loss, isolation, and flatness if you know them. Several of these parameters are on our RFQ page.