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Splitter / Divider

The L-band Splitter and L-band Divider are the main products in ETL's Splitter range, and we produce a wide variety of these. In terms of capacity there are 2-way,4-way, 8-way, 16-way and 32-way splitters (with larger ones also available). Both active splitters and passive splitters are supplied.

Smaller splitters are often grouped into multiple splitters per 19" shelf, so for example dual splitters: two splitters in a 19" shelf, or quad splitters: four splitters in a 19" shelf. Modular splitters are also used to reduce rack space with up to 8 or 16 splitters per compact 19" shelf. 

LNB powering is available on most L-band splitters (usually it can be switched on/off); and some L-band Dividers offer 10 MHz and DC pass on one port instead, for LNB powering.

Dual redundant amplifiers and amplifier current monitoring are also available for more mission critical applications.

A fairly large range of IF Splitters is also available, while Broadband Splitters and C-band Splitters tend to be for more specialist applications.

80 Products
80 Products