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Catalin Bordei, CTO - Solhard Technology AKH

Solhard Technology AKH

"I was thoroughly impressed by ETL Systems. It was extremely valuable for us to find one provider that could solve all our issues. The customised nature of the service and products was even more impressive, giving me the impression that the equipment was tailor-made, just for me and the technical support was on hand whenever I needed it. ETL is not just providing RF products, but also delivering new capabilities"

Keith Dishman, Antenna System Engineer - ViaSat

Viasat Logo

"We are very pleased with the quality of ETL's products and their willingness to provide customised couplers to fit our specific requirements. Thanks to ETL we saved considerable rack space cabling and achieved superior RF performance. We plan to continue working with ETL on future systems."

Tony Chung, Head of Network Operations & Engineering - Speedcast

Speedcast Logo

"Our Singapore teleport operations are at the heart of our Asian maritime, broadcast and energy markets. ETL Systems technology has been fundamental to helping our local service capabilities grow, ETL Sales and support teams were very helpful and always went the extra mile when supporting our project installation."

Martin Bartram, RF Systems Specialist - SIS Live

SIS Live Logo

"After 10 years of working with ETL Systems, I would choose their equipment time and time again. With ETL the broadcast is high quality, it's quiet, it's clean and you don't get any unwanted noise. Furthermore, the equipment is extremely well-built, hard-wearing and durable."

Gregory Johnson, GOES Ground System Engineer - NOAA


"ETL has provided the NOAA Command & Data Acquisition stations with an IF switching solution which satisfies the requirements for all the GOES satellite uplinks and downlinks. The level of equipment support given by ETL Systems has been excellent, and it's responsiveness to technical concerns was key to its selection. NOAA has always been able to speak with a knowledgeable engineer at ETL when issues have arisen, and its management is very professional."

Frank Fehrenbacher, Expert Supply Chain Management - ND Satcom

ND Satcom Logo

"For many years ETL has satisfied our high quality standards and is therefore a valued partner for ND SatCom. For this particular project the splitters and combiners of ETL perfectly met our requirement and were therefore selected."

Rafik Sheikh, Managing Director - ND SatCom

ND Satcom Logo

"Choosing ETL Systems to provide the technology to support this project was simple; they deliver the best and highest quality signal technology which we've had previous success with in numerous other international projects. Its technology fits well with our technical requirements and we will continue to use ETL for future projects."

Buddhi Fonseka, Senior Link Technician - NEP Australia

NEP Logo

"From the day it arrived, the ETL Enigma series router has formed the basis of all our complex wireless camera operations. If the application calls for switching multiple antennae into multiple receivers, the ETL routers are a great choice."

Lee Wright, Senior Broadcast Engineer - Timeline Television

Timeline TV Logo

"It's been a very pleasant experience working with ETL Systems from the start. Timeline is a very dynamic and innovative company and I am sure it won't be too long before we work with ETL again."

Colin Telfer, Technical Manager of Broadcast and RF at ATC - Australian Turf Club

Australian Turf Club Logo

"The partner, Lumina BSA, understood our needs perfectly. The installation achieved much higher and less noisy RF levels with ETL, so it only took a few weeks of trials to make the decision. The reception on our RF cameras is very stable as a result. I would definitely recommend ETL Systems products, especially the L-Band over Fibre ‘Stingray Units', as they are continuing to work well for us and were easy to install."

Nathan Dixon, Principle Technologist for Terrestrial Broadcast - Arqiva

Arqiva Logo

"It was important for Arqiva in the roll-out of the UK DAB radio network that we had a reliable solution for the distribution of signals. Working with ETL provided the exact design we needed, in a compact and resilient housing, helping us to deliver the best possible service to our customers."

Pierre Chenot, Technical Engineer - AMP Visual TV

Amp Visual TV

"Every person at ETL is proactive and competent. New projects are easy to start and follow, from the initial quote up to delivery. Each RF component, filter and combiner, could be customised to fit exact requirements of the customer, with all parameters discussed before production to ensure each item received matches perfectly to the customers desire. Working with ETL was a great choice and I have already recommended them to others within the industry."