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Frequency Converter

Frequency Converters are used to translate a band of signals from one frequency to another.

ETL's range of Falcon Frequency Converters Downconvert or Upconvert RF signals, and are available as agile up converters (AUC), agile down converters (ADC) or block up converters (BUC) or block down converters (BDC).

The compact 1U Falcon chassis has capacity for up to five conversion modules, either agile or block up or down converters, which are field serviceable and replaceable. Resilience is also provided from hot-swap dual redundant power supplies and a field serviceable CPU.

10MHz reference source for external/internal (field replaceable).

Redundancy configurations (1+1 and 2+1) are also available within the converter chassis, meaning that a separate chassis for redundancy is not required.

Create a conversion chassis to meet your exact needs, using our configuration guide.

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39 Products
39 Products