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Power Supply / Inserter

Most of ETL's Power Supplies are powering LNB's for downlinks, although we also produce a limited amount of uplink BUC power supplies.

The range of Power Supplies is also used for some of ETL's RF products, such as the XPSU L-band splitter range, matrix system splitters and combiners, A-GAB range of component L-band amplifiers, and more traditionally L-band switch (and IF) matrices and routers when these do not incorporate integral power supplies.

Practically all of the ETL Power Supply range features hot swap power supply modules and at least dry contact alarms to report power supply failure.

NEW - The addition of the Genus smart chassis series to ETL's  power supply range provides configurable and scalable RF distribution within a compact 1U, 2U or 3U chassis.

23 Products
23 Products