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Very Small Aperture Terminal Applications

ETL provide tremendous value in VSAT satellite communications applications.

VSAT RF Over Fibre products are available from stock or within a few days for all the major RF connector types for both 50 and 75 Ohm systems.

The comprehensive range of RF component products provide the necessary building blocks to enable reliable RF signal distribution and amplification in compact packages over IF and L band frequencies.

Also available as custom solutions on short delivery lead times. Designed to seamlessly pass both DC and 10 MHz signals through each part which may be required to provide power and a reference to LNBs and BUCs in the chain. DC and 10 MHz block versions are also available if required.

A key feature of many of ETL RF components is the ability to pass or block a 10 MHz signal or DC voltage through the products, which can be used to power interconnecting components or pass a stable frequency reference to a LNB or BUC within the system. ETL's VSAT RF Over Fibre Indoor and Outdoor units provide fibre links connecting an antenna to an indoor location up to 10km away, with reduced signal losses over long runs and integrated switchable LNB & BUC powering options.

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