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Bias Tee/ DC Injectors

ETL 4000 series of Bias TEEs operate over a range of frequencies, and are provided with 50Ω or 75Ω impedances and various connector types.

All modules are designed to facilitate mounting (either onto a base or front / or rear panels) and are supplied in EMC shielded non hermetic housing. Options include traps for 10MHz rejection and high current version for powering multiple modules or modules up to 5A and 48V.

A key feature of many of ETL components is the ability to pass or block a 10 MHz signal or DC voltage through the products, which can be used to power interconnecting components or pass a stable frequency reference to a LNB or BUC within the system.

  • Typical fields of application:

  • - Telecom Infrastructures

    - Satellite Systems

    - Test & Instrumentation

    - Microwave Links