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Government and Defence Market

ETL offer a wider range of products developed for broader satellite communications, that can be used for defence applications such as RF over Fibre links, Automatic Gain Control Amplifiers and Hybrid Splitter / Combiner shelves connecting multiple modems to remote VSAT terminals providing 10 MHz referencing, LNB and BUC powering.

Our large RF router range can be used for uplink and downlink satcoms, including general traffic and data management, and TVRO applications, as well as receive (RX) only satcoms.

In addition to L-band we also provide a substantial number and size of IF switch matrices, based on Enigma, Vulcan and other technologies which can be used for the government / defence sector.

  1. Because the reliability and performance of our L-band products is so good, 80% of the main NATO governments use ETL equipment to protect their citizens.
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