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End-to-end solutions in the RF Distribution chain

ETL Systems design and manufacture end-to-end solutions for the RF distribution chain.

Offering a range of products with excellent RF performance that covers everything between the modem & antenna, for uplink and downlink, as shown below.


Can't find exactly what you're looking for? ETL Systems specialise in custom RF design, building RF solutions to meet your exact requirements.

ETL Systems end-to-end solutions in the RF Distribution chain

ETL design and manufacture RF distribution equipment for the satellite ground segment. Engineering RF Switch Matrices, RF Over Fiber, Frequency Converters, RF Splitters, RF Combiners, RF Switches, RF Amplifiers.

Choose from 19" rack systems or compact RF components, that can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the application and product type. 

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- RF Over Fibre

- RF Distribution - Splitter/Divider or Distributive (Fan-out) RF Switch Matrix

- LNB Redundancy Switch

- Frequency Down Converter

- Nx1 Monitoring Switch


- Test Loop Translator

- Frequency Up Converter

- Equalisation - Line Amplifier

- 10 MHz Injection

- Combining - Combiner or Combining (Fan-In) RF Switch Matrix

- Modem Redundancy Switch


With over 30 years experience, ETL Systems can specifically engineer RF products to meet your exact requirements.