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ETL attends the Satellite and the Cloud meeting - London, 03/03/20

Satellite & The Cloud


Driven by the evolution in the satellite industry in terms of the HTS, VHTS as well as the new generation of GEO, MEO and LEO constellations and the advent of 5G; we are seeing changes in the industry value chain and business models. The changing business models are primarily due to the shift to cloud-based technologies and its associated facets of edge computing, Software Defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualisation as utilised in 5G. This presents both challenges and opportunities. The move into cloud-based technology will also lead to reduced CAPEX, OPEX, scalability and ubiquitous coverage as required by 5G.

All the above will generate new opportunities and challenges in the satellite industry. For example, in IoT teleports will have the opportunity of moving into big data analytics and data storage, their challenge being to change to meet these new requirements.

ETL Genus “Habitat”

At the meeting ETL presented its new generation of Genus Habitat solution for Teleports. This is a multi-function modular future proof design, offering a variety of COTS modules that can be plugged into a common chassis. This provides economies of scale which transfer to ETL customers in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.

COTS modules include:

  • Matrices
  • Frequency convertors
  • BUC and LNB PSUs
  • Switches
  • Amplifiers

The intelligent chassis provides remote control for unmanned operation as well as scalability via 1U, 2U and 3U shelf options. The customer’s IT overhead is also reduced due to the resident chassis intelligence which manages the modules that are fitted.

In summary the new Genus Habitat from provides ETL’s customers with a cost-effective future proof solution to meet the current and future requirements in the satellite ground segment.

To find out more about the Genus Habitat, please contact us.