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L-band Matrix - Combining (Fan-in) Hot-Swap

ETL has a broad L-band Switch Matrix and L-band Router range for Satellite communications, including the hot-swap NiGMa L-band Matrix which is used for many high resilience high performance applications. with single input and output cards the NiGMa L-band Matrix can be populated to any size you require - some common ones are shown below.
Now in its 3rd generation, the NiGMa L-band Matrix has proved to be genuinely high performance with excellent flatness or frequency response, excellent isolation, and linearity - a truly leading edge L-band Router.

Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output. In general our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.
Full Fan-in Matrix (or fully combining matrix): any input can be routed to any output. Many inputs can be routed to each output. Each input can only be routed to one output. Tends to be more TX.

The NiGMa L-band matrix has hot swap of all active components - RF cards, CPU's and PSU's. In addition the NiGMa L-band Matrix has the designed-in resilience provided by one RF card for each RF input and output, dual redundant CPU's, and dual redundant PSU's.

The NiGMa L-band Matrix also has extensive on-board monitoring - and reporting - of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.

The NiGMa L-band Router can easily be formed into larger Matrix Systems up to 512x512.