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Navigating Innovation in the SATCOM sector - A GISS and ETL Systems collaboration

“Having worked with ETL on a number of different projects in the past, including custom L-band splitters and combiners for a Defence application, we knew that ETL’s capabilities aligned with their needs and - more importantly - the needs of customers.”
Emilia Dobek, R&D Manager at Global Infrastructure and Security Solutions (GISS)


Owing to the evolution of warfare, governments cannot stand still when it comes to deploying new technology to help maintain strategic advantage. From improving intelligence gathering to helping the personnel on the ground remain connected - even when operating in the most hostile of environments, satellites play an essential role.

After gaining wide experience in developing communication and navigation solutions for airports and militaries, Global Infrastructure and Security Solutions (GISS) expanded its offering in 2016 to encompass satellite communications.

As an established player in the market, GISS sought to upgrade the reliability and connectivity capabilities of the SatPack L-band, which was initially designed for the Polish MOD.

Photo of the SatPack L-band Manpack
Photo of the SatPack L-band Manpack

The Project

GISS commissioned ETL Systems in 2022 to custom design and manufacture a set of semi-rigid RF cables that would fit inside the terminal. GISS identified the need for this upgrade, but ETL’s technical expertise ensured that the assembly was designed according to GISS’ needs, allowing them to optimise and customise the terminal.

The Solution

Working in partnership, ETL and GISS developed a more lightweight and compact design, crucial as the specification was specifically for a manpack. It weighs only 19kg and is ready to work in less than 10 minutes, allowing personnel working in remote regions to connect and communicate efficiently and securely. The modular design allows the terminal to be used as a complete VSAT system and as an RF – L-band interface for a modem of the customer’s choice.

Boasting enhanced connectivity capabilities, the whole SatPack family can transmit up to 31GHz and receive up to 22.20 GHz on multiple frequencies including X, Ku and Ka. An intuitive antenna pointing support has been developed which, when using a 100 cm antenna, allows users to utilise a Tx signal of up to 47.5 dBi, meaning that it can reach defence personnel working in remote areas.