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CWDM / DWDM Applications

ETL's StingRay CWDM & DWDM range of RF over Fibre products have been designed for high density & long distances of up to 50km (CWDM) & 500km (DWDM). 

CWDM stands for Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing and is a low-cost solution for transmitting multiple wavelengths on a single optical fibre link (< 35 km),without optical amplification. There are 16 optical channels altogether.

DWDM  stands for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing and systems are characterised by a narrower channel spacing than CWDM, as defined in ITU-T G.694.1, and therefore can allow up to 40 multiplexed channels. Unlike CWDM, the transmission distance of DWDM channels can be extended easily for hundreds of kilometres by using an optical amplifier to compensate the losses and boost the optical power.