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Falcon²: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Frequency Conversion Technology

Falcon 2 moduleETL System’s new and improved Falcon² Frequency Converter trailblazes advancement in frequency conversion technology.

This innovative solution, housed in a compact 1U GENUS chassis, offers enhanced RF performance, flexibility, and cooling for uplink and downlink RF signals across the L-band to Ka-band spectrum. Tailored for diverse satellite communication systems, Falcon² is the ideal choice for demanding applications.


Adaptable and Field-Serviceable Design

The GENUS modular chassis, accommodating up to four conversion modules, ensures adaptability with features such as hot-swappable dual redundant power supplies and field-serviceable components. The improved design minimises downtime and costs, making the GENUS range cost-effective across all market sectors.


Preferred Solution for High-Resilience Scenarios

Falcon² 's superior RF performance and advanced cooling features position it as the preferred choice for teleports, earth stations, satellite operations, government and defence applications, telemetry, tracking, command, and high-resilience scenarios.

Enhanced Spurious and Phase Noise Performance

With hot-swappable technology and complete independence of the Falcon² module, its module capacity sets a new standard. Now, featuring superior phase noise specifications enabling the user to use the latest referencing technologies.

A Technological Leap Forward

Described by Ben Brown, Head of RF Hardware Development at ETL Systems, as a significant leap forward in frequency conversion technology, Falcon² underscores ETL Systems' commitment to meeting industry needs.