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StingRay RF Over Fibre

Compact options

We can offer a solution for ultra-compact requirements or for smaller applications such as a single antenna.

Our indoor range is split in to 100 series and 200 series RF to optical alternatives.

Our standard 100 series and 200 series RF over Fibre modules provide AGC (Automatic Gain Control) with automatic link optimisation for FAST SET-UP or wide dynamic range links with FIXED GAIN FOR INPUT POWERS UP TO +6 dBm.

100 series

The 100 series range offers up to 16 RF over Fibre links in a 1U chassis.
100 sry

200 series

Our 200 series range offer twin module options; where 2 separate links are provided on one module (therefore providing up to 32 feeds in a single 2U chassis) or with a -20 dB monitoring port for SIGNAL MONITORING.
200 sry

High density & long distance options

For short 10km, medium 50km, and long up to 500km distances with up to 16 links in a 1U chassis and up to 32 links in a single 2U chassis.

CWDM and DWDM options available.

CWDM modules

CWDM modules (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) provide up to 50km transmission compact fibre links, with eight wavelengths on a single fibre cable.

DWDM modules

DWDM modules (dense wavelength division multiplexing) provide up to 500km transmission fibre links and beyond using optical amplification (EDFA), with up to forty wavelengths on a single fibre cable.

Robust options

We can offer outdoor weatherproof (IP65 rated) solutions designed to be wall or post mounted close to the antenna, for the distribution of comms traffic across site with minimal loss.

Our outdoor outdoor range split into 200 series and 400 series.

Enhanced resilience

The StingRay RF over Fibre range offers 1+1 redundancy and 4+1 or 4+2 redundancy systems.