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ETL's DWDM System for Long Distance Fibre Transmission

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) transmits RF signals up to 500km in distance, for diverse sites.

Using ETL's RF Over Fibre DWDM technology, multiple signals can be transmitted and received over distances of up to 100s of kilometers through a single fibre cable. It also offers the potential to deliver redundancy by adding an additional fibre connection. 

DWDM System Explained

ETL Systems RF Over Fibre DWDM system comprises transmit modules and a multiplexer module to combine up to 40 wavelengths on to a single fibre cable at the transmission end.  

ETL's EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifier) is used to boost the signal at the receive end, to overcome excessive optical loss on long fibre runs. The StingRay DCF (Dispersion Compensation Fibre) module may need to be used for distances approaching 100km. A demultiplexer module and receive modules are then use to split the sperate wavelengths.

Unlike CWDM, the transmission distance of DWDM channels can be extended easily for hundreds of kilometres by using an optical amplifier to compensate the losses and boost the optical power.
DWDM System Overview

Benefits Of DWDM

- Offers up to 40 wavelengths on a single fibre cable

- Up to 500km transmission distance with transmit, receive and optical amplifier

- Up to 80km without optical amplifier

- Optional delay lines to account for varied distance between main and diverse sites
Benefits Of DWDM


The StingRay DWDM system is able to cover much larger distances (100km+) before suffering any signal loss. 

There are further reductions in any potential optical signal loss with the addition of pre-amp and post-amp  Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers (EDFA) into the fibre system.

ETL'S DWDM System is part of our established StingRay RF Over Fibre (RoF) Range.

The DWDM range includes is made up of:

Markets And Applications For DWDM

- Telecoms backhaul

- Ka-band gateway sites

- Antenna diversity (weather)

- Antenna diversity (disaster)

- Ultra long distance links
Markets And Applications For DWDM