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RF over Fibre

Looking for our legacy StingRay RF over Fibre range?

ETL’s new Genus StingRay RF over Fibre products cover a comprehensive range of frequency bands including new C-Band links operating over 500MHz to 6,725MHz. The new StingRay system offers manual gain control (MGC) as well as fixed gain and automatic gain control (AGC) modes, providing operators with greater flexibility while setting links up for optimised system performance.

In addition, the platform can house StingRay modules alongside ETL’s Falcon frequency converters, ALTO amplifiers, switches, splitters and even small RF matrices/routers within the same indoor or outdoor chassis. Combining these functions within the same chassis offers a reduction in cost and rack space requirements and improves resilience.

Along with improved security aspects (SNMPv3 and HTTPS) included with the Genus chassis, the updated StingRay modules offer improved RF performance, while maintaining the same industry-leading capacity of up to 32 optical transmit and/or receiver modules within a single 2U indoor chassis.

41 Products
41 Products