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StingRay 200 DWDM AGC Broadband Transmit Fibre Converter


  • Description

    Model SRY-TxxB2-253, 200 series DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) StingRay RF over Fibre module is designed to provide compact fibre links up to 500 km, with forty wavelengths on a single fibre cable.

    It is a TRANSMIT module that converts an BROADBAND (50-2450MHz) signal to optical, and also provides 13/18V LNB POWERING.

    The modules has AGC (Automatic Gain Control) with automatic link optimisation for FAST SET-UP.

    It is designed to be housed in a 200 series indoor or outdoor chassis and work with ETL's receive module SRY-RX-B2-254 and ETL's optical multiplexer/demultiplexer SRY-ODM-08-753 (8 channel) or SRY-ODM-16-753 (16 channel).

    The StingRay range of optical amplifiers can also be used in a DWDM system to compensate for module loss and boost the optical power to extend the transmission distance of signals carried up to 500 km. 

    The StingRay RF over Fibre module is available in a variety of RF connector and optical connector types. See below for related modules & chassis.

  • DWDM System

    The StingRay DWDM system comprises of transmit RF over fibre modules and a multiplexer module to combine up to 40 wavelengths on to a single fibre cable at the transmit end.

    A demultiplexer module and receive RF over fibre modules are then used at the receive end to split the separate wavelengths. The StingRay series CWDM range of RF over fibre modules can convert L-band (850 MHz - 2450 MHz) and Broadband (50 MHz - 2450 MHz) frequencies up to 500km transmission distances.​

  • Fibre Connectors

    Optical fibre connectors are used to terminate the end of an optical fibre cable and enables quick connection.

    Angle Polished Connectors
    All of the connectors we offer are APC connectors (Angled Physical Contact). APC connectors are used as they provide extremely reliable way of achieving the high return losses essential in RF systems.
    APC connectors have the fibre end face polished at an 8-degree angle to prevent light that reflects from the interface from traveling back up the fibre.

    Illustration of angled fibre connector

    Due to the angle of the connector, the reflected light does not stay in the fibre core/cladding but instead leaks out into the cladding. APC connector return loss is around -60 dB.

    We offer 2 optical fibre connector types that offer low loss and create an extremely reliable connection:

    FC/APC (Angled ferrule connector / fibre connector).
    Ferrule diameter: 2.5 mm
    Coupling type: screw
    FC type connector
    SC/APC (Angled subscriber connector / square connector / standard connector).
    Ferrule diameter: 2.5 mm
    Coupling type: Snap (push-pull coupling)
    SC connector type
Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 ohm SMA (RF), FC/APC (optic)
50 ohm SMA (RF), SC/APC (optic)
50 ohm BNC (RF), FC/APC (optic)
50 ohm BNC (RF), SC/APC (optic)