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StingRay RF Over Fibre ODU, 10 modules, 200 series


  • Description

    Model SRY-ODU205 is a 200 series StingRay outdoor chassis which has capacity to house up to 10 x 200 series RF over Fibre modules. The larger chassis allows heat loss for operation in higher temperatures. The chassis is 610 high x 508 deep x 254mm wide.

    The StingRay RF over Fibre Outdoor unit (ODU) is a robust weatherproof (IP65 rated) enclosure which has been designed to be wall or post mounted close to the antenna, for operation between -20°C to +60°C.

    Control and monitoring of the chassis can be done via Ethernet port with SNMP and web browser interface. Ethernet options include copper Ethernet interface, single optical Ethernet interface (option) and Ethernet switch (option).
    Local control and monitoring can be done via an optional front panel LCD and keypad.

    Resilience is provided with dual redundant hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap fibre modules and fans.

    There are a number of options available to customise the StingRay ODU, see below for StingRay Fibre modules compatible with the StingRay Fibre Chassis

  • Redundancy Options

    The StingRay 200 series RF over fibre indoor and outdoor chassis can be configured to provide 1+1 redundancy, with the addition of a 2-way splitter and 2x1 switch module. Redundancy provides additional resilience for uplink and downlink transmissions over fibre.

    StingRay 1+1 redundant fibre link comprises an active 2-way splitter module with a pair of TX modules at the transmit end in one chassis, and a high reliability 2x1 switch module with a pair of RX modules at the receive end in another chassis.

    Two exact copies of the RF signal are sent via the splitter. RF detection on the inputs of the 2x1 switch measures both signals and selects the one with the highest power.

    1+1 Redundancy within the StingRay chassis

    1+1 redundancy configuration available with splitter (Model SRY-L1-DIV213) and switch (Model SRY-L1-SW214) modules.

  • StingRay ODU Options

    StingRay RF over Fiber ODU options

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