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Satellite Operator

Satellite Operator

Satellite Operator

ETL has worked with global satellite operators for many years, and these satcoms users form the backbone of our customer base. The whole range of standard and custom build products has been used by satellite operators, in both TT & C, monitoring and traffic management roles.

When satellite operators wanted to transition from IF to L-band for a lot of their signal routing, ETL was there - our hot swap matrices are in use all over the USA and Europe in leading earth stations. When satellite operators needed to add high resilience line amplifiers, we were again able to develop products to help.

Satellite Operator related products:


Model NGM-21

Model 23227

Model 26128-AMP101

Model 23116

32 x 32 L-band Distributive hot-swap NiGMa Switch Matrix / Router

32 x 1 IF/L-band LS series Switch with dual redundant power supplies, and local and remote control via serial & Ethernet ports

Modular System with single amplifier modules with variable slope compensation and variable gain

2 x 1 L-band Redundancy Switch with dual redundant power supplies

NOAA select Enigma Matrix Switch for GOES-R series uplink and downlink signals"ETL has provided the NOAA Command & Data Acquisition stations with an IF switching solution which satisfies the requirements for all the GOES satellite uplinks and downlinks. ... read more

NOAA select Enigma Matrix Switch for GOES-R series uplink and downlink signals

European satellite operator upgrades satellite feedsA leading European satellite operator wanted to upgrade their approximately 120 RX and TX signals. They have used ETL's modular system. On the RX chain, each signal firstly hits a... read more


Middle Eastern satellite operator A new Middle Eastern satellite operator is using ETL's Enigma L-band switch matrix for its fan-out or distributive RX signal distribution and for its fan-in or combining TX signal ... read more