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ETL Systems Addresses Challenges in Military Drone Support

In the evolving landscape of modern warfare, the demand for adaptable infrastructure, especially concerning drone technology, remains crucial. A major US Defence Contractor faced a unique challenge: creating portable terminals that supported both uplink and downlink functionalities for military drones. ETL Systems, renowned for its matrix technology and unwavering customer support, was instrumental in providing a tailored solution to meet these specific needs.


ETL the trusted choice for delivering a solution

The challenge was to design portable terminals capable of handling uplink and downlink functionalities while fitting onto a small tactical trailer. ETL Systems' reputation for matrix technology and robust support made them the trusted choice for delivering a solution that met technical requirements while ensuring reliability.


A Small Form Solution provide up and downlink functionality

The primary goal was to provide small-format distributive and combining matrices capable of managing both uplink and downlink functionalities within the confines of a portable rack. To meet the client's specifications for space efficiency and functionality, ETL Systems recommended the 1U Victor 16x16 as the most suitable solution. This compact yet powerful matrix system fulfilled the technical requirements within the smallest footprint possible.

The client acquired the VTRC-71-S5S5-1616 and VTR-71-S5S5-1616 from the VICTOR series as part of the solution. These IF/Extended L-band matrices, featuring a module capacity of 16 inputs x 16 outputs and covering a frequency range of 50-2500MHz, were housed in a compact 1U design. These matrices offered features such as local and remote control, variable gain, and software-enabled expansion.


Bespoke communication solutions

ETL Systems' solutions enabled the defence contractor to fulfill the military contract successfully. The deployment of the 1U Victor 16x16 matrices provided the necessary uplink and downlink capabilities while ensuring maximum portability on the small tactical trailer.

As the demand for advanced military technologies continues to grow, ETL Systems stands as a trusted partner, offering innovative and reliable solutions.

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