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Revolutionising Connectivity: Avealto's WIP Airships Bring High-Speed Internet to Remote Regions

"I've truly enjoyed collaborating with the Alvealto team to tailor the perfect solutions for their project. It's been a fantastic journey working together to achieve their goals and deliver exceptional results."
John Dunston, Sales Manager at ETL Systems

In today's interconnected world, access to reliable internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Yet, many remote regions around the globe still lack access to high-quality internet services due to infrastructural challenges and cost barriers. Avealto, a pioneering technology company, is set to change this narrative with its innovative Wireless Infrastructure Platform (WIP) vehicles operating in High-Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS).

"AVEALTO has completed the development of a transformative technology that can help to close the digital divide with low-cost and high-quality telecom capacity."

Walt Anderson – Founder & Managing Director – AVEALTO Ltd.

Alvealto WIP Airships

What is WIP?

WIP, short for Wireless Infrastructure Platform, represents a ground-breaking approach to delivering internet connectivity to underserved areas. Unlike traditional satellite systems, WIP vehicles operate in the stratosphere, offering low-cost, high-quality capacity to remote regions. Each WIP vehicle can support multiple sites over a large area, providing a versatile solution to address connectivity challenges.

Key Advantages of WIP

The Avealto WIP system offers several advantages over traditional satellite solutions:

Low Cost: Avealto's WIP system boasts significantly lower capital expenditure compared to traditional satellites, making it a cost-effective option for both operators and consumers. With costs 50 times lower in capex than satellites and 10 times lower in cost per Gbps for consumers, Avealto's solution is poised to democratize access to high-speed internet.

Low Risk: Operating at stratospheric altitudes, WIP vehicles offer approximately 10 times lower latency and lower error rates compared to traditional satellite systems. Additionally, failures are not as expensive to rectify, making Avealto's solution a more reliable and resilient option for connectivity.

Flexibility: Avealto's WIP system allows for quick deployments and upgrades, ensuring that connectivity solutions can adapt to changing demands and technological advancements efficiently.

Avealto's Vision for Connectivity

Avealto's WIP airships are designed to bridge the digital divide by providing essential connectivity services to regions where traditional infrastructure is lacking. These airships serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Backhaul connections for Mobile Operators in Satellite-only regions
  • Backhaul connections to Fixed Wireless Operators/WISPs in Satellite-only regions
  • Satellite replacement services to VSAT operators in areas served by Avealto
  • Mobile communications to ships, planes, and trains


"ETL Systems has developed a highly efficient communications payload for AVEALTO which can bring a large amount of telecom and internet capacity to unserved and underserved regions."

Carlos Gardellini – Director of Payload Development – AVEALTO Ltd.

ETL Systems' Support

Since November 2017, ETL has been instrumental in supplying critical equipment, including a Dual Channel Converter for Ku up and downlink communication, and an upgraded version of the converter, AS7861 Rev2-D. In July 2020, ETL collaborated with Avealto on a comprehensive test plan for the RF payload, encompassing benchtop tests, ground and flight tests using drone-mounted equipment, and tailored tests for low-altitude flight conditions. Building on this foundation, ETL further contributed to Avealto's project with the design engineering of the communications payload, culminating in a Preliminary Design Review (PDR). As of December 2022, ETL has undertaken the System Design Document and Critical Design Review (CDR) for Avealto's HAPS Ku-Band Communications Systems Payload, marking a significant milestone in the project's progress.

"I've truly enjoyed collaborating with the Alvealto team to tailor the perfect solutions for their project. It's been a fantastic journey working together to achieve their goals and deliver exceptional results." 

John Dunston, Sales Manager

The Path to Commercialisation

Avealto has completed the initial R&D development for a commercially viable high altitude Wireless Infrastructure Platform vehicle.  The company has begun Round A funding to set up a factory in the UK to begin producing vehicles which will be 101 meters (331 feet) in length. 


Avealto's WIP airships represent a paradigm shift in the way we approach connectivity solutions for remote regions. With their low cost, low risk, and flexibility, Avealto's WIP vehicles are poised to unlock new opportunities for economic development, education, healthcare, and social inclusion in underserved communities worldwide. As Avealto continues to innovate and expand its reach, the future of connectivity looks brighter than ever before.