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ETL Systems take more steps to go green

ETL Systems take more steps to go green with shipping

At the beginning of 2020 ETL Systems signed up to DHL's GoGreen shipping service.

This new shipping initiative has been introduced by DHL as an emission offset service for any inbound/outbound shipments, providing an environmentally responsible shipping option for all products shipped from ETL using the DHL courier service.

We're pleased to be positively contributing to climate change by becoming more carbon efficient with our shipping process.


How does this benefit our customers?

The program’s main objective is to reduce and/or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants.

By signing up to a carbon neutral shipping service we provide our customers with an environmentally responsible shipping option of all ETL products.

In turn, by reducing our carbon footprint we are helping to reduce the global impact of climate change.


Other ways ETL has gone green

- Solar panels on our office buildings to become a more sustainable business

- Swapping out fluorescent tube lights to LED lights in our modern office buildings for energy savings

- Reduction of single use plastic in our onsite cafe choosing glass bottles over plastic


How does emission offset/ carbon neutral shipping work?

All shipments from ETL will continue to be shipped as normal, but from 2020 a contribution equalling the same amount of carbon emissions created from shipping the products will be given towards climate protection.

For example, if 49kg of CO2 is created from a product shipment, 49kg worth of carbon credits are generated for climate protection projects to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere. 

More information about the DHL GoGreen shipping service can be found here.