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StingRay RF Over Fibre EDFA Chassis, DWDM, 2 Module Optical Amplifier


  • Description

    Model SRY-C800-1U, StingRay RF Over Fibre Optical Amplifier DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) EDFA Chassis has 2 module capacity, with front mounted, dual hot-swap power supplies with dual IEC on the rear panel.

    The DWDM EDFA (Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier) is housed in a 1U high chassis which internally accommodates one StingRay RF Over Fibre dispersion compensation module and up to 2 hot-swap StingRay RF Over Fibre optical amplifier modules. 

    The StingRay DWDM range of optical amplifiers compensate for module loss and boost the optical power to extend the transmission distance of signals carried up to 500km. ETL's StingRay DWDM optical amplifier system comprises of either a pre-amplifier module, a post-amplifier module designed to operate within the EDFA chassis and a dispersion compensation module (DCM), housed in a seperate 1U high chassis.

    See below for related modules & chassis for the DWDM system. For full technical specifications please refer to the datasheet.

  • DWDM System

    The StingRay DWDM Fibre system comprises of transmit modules e.g. SRY-TXXB2-253 and a multiplexer module e.g. SRY-ODM-16-753 to combine up to 40 wavelengths on to a single fibre cable at the transmit end .

    A demultiplexer module e.g. SRY-ODM-16-753 and receive modules e.g. SRY-RX-B2-254 are then used at the receive end to split the separate wavelengths.


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SC/APC (optic)
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FC/APC (optic)
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