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LNB Power Supply / Inserter - Fixed Voltage

Quite a lot of ETL's L-band Splitters incorporate LNB powering which can be switched on and off manually. However, if there are no splitters at the front end of your RF chain you may require a specific LNB Power Supply shelf (note most ETL equipment is DC blocking).

The entry level LNB Power Supply shelves are fixed voltage - this is typically 18 volts DC although 13 volt options are also available. In general 300 to 500 mA perLNB is available and outputs are generally fused at 1A.
These LNB Power Supply shelves have dual redundant hot swap power supplies which are changeable from the front or rear panels.

LNB current monitoring and reporting is available on some models (see for example model 2745) with front panel and remote alarms triggered when a window around a user-set "normal" LNB current level is exceeded.

Most LNB Power Supplies have loop through DC insertion onto the RF chain, with the usual variety of RF connectors and impedances available. A few LNB Power Supplies have DC outputs for direct powering of LNB's.


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