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StingRay VSAT Fibre Indoor Chassis


  • Description

    Model SRY-TR-L1-932 is a 19" rack mounted indoor VSAT Fibre StingRay chassis.

    A 10 MHz Reference Tone is extracted from the uplink.

    A copper Ethernet connection is available as standard on the unit, to allow monitoring, control and configuration of the indoor end.
    A bi-directional optical Ethernet connection is available as an additional option which links the indoor unit and outdoor unit, allowing for monitoring, control and configuration of the entire system and any other connected equipment.

    The VSAT Indoor unit (IDU) is designed to be used with the VSAT Outdoor unit (ODU), please see below.

  • StingRay VSAT Fibre System Schematic

    ETL's VSAT fibre system consists of one downlink transmission path, with a multiplexed 10 MHz reference signal, and one uplink path with a 10 MHz reference signal. The 10MHz tone is extracted from the uplink input, carried on a separate fibre for best performance and injected into both L-band connectors at the ODU.

    The downlink path also provides 13/18 VDC and 22KHz tone for LNB powering and the uplink provides 24V 2A BUC powering. The unit features an Ethernet over fibre port to enable remote M&C of the ODU and external antenna mounted equipment (optional). A non-optical Ethernet version is also available.

    ETL VSAT schematic


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