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Genus Digital 5000


  • Description

    Genus Digital 5000 provides digitization and reconstruction of signals in the L-band range of 850 to 2450MHz. The digitizer has 2 channels each with 512MHz instantaneous bandwidth tuneable within this frequency range. These channels are transmitted via high-speed (100GBe) ethernet in DIFI format (IEEE-ISTO Std 2900), which is based on Vita-49.2. Similarly, it accepts multiple streams via the ethernet port, which it in turn reconstructs to L-band RF.

    Genus Digital is designed to integrate with virtual and legacy ETL RF products (e.g. matrices, frequency converters, RF over Fibre, etc).


    Genus Digital Range

    • Digital-5000 for main gateway sites and teleports. Featuring up to 4 off 512 MHz channels where maximum RF bandwidth, bit depth, and high terrestrial bandwidth are requirements. Available in IDU 19” rack units or in an ODU solution.
    • Digital-3000 for receive-only applications. With high RF bandwidth and bit depth focused on wider bandwidth requirements of up to 1200MHz. Available in IDU or ODU solutions.
    • Digital-1000 where the requirement is for lower bandwidths and bit-depths. Typically for edge devices and terminals such as datacentre collocated antennas, deployable terminals, and IOT terminals. A more cost-effective solution in a compact module form factor.
  • Benefits

    Benefits of Digital IF include the ability to transport signals 100s of miles with no degradation in signal quality. 

    L-band signals can be transmitted from any point on an IP network to any other point without the need for RF cabling.

    Operational flexibility and continuity of operations via simplified switching between diversity antenna sites.

    The antennas are decoupled from the coding equipment (modems); hence your antennas can be in one continent with modems in another.

    Small form factor

    Scalable architecture which provides the necessary ground segment capacity and throughput for the evolving space segment

    Virtualization and interface to the cloud

    Transmission over 100 km without signal degradation or the need for conditioning. Replacement of poor QoS analogue links

  • Application
    • Virtualization
    • Diversity Antenna Sites
    • Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) Systems
    • Security & Intelligence
    • Disaster Relief
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Genus Digital 5000 Wideband
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