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ETL Systems Hosts DIFI’s First-Ever European PlugFest 2024

ETL Systems hosts DIFI's PlugFest 2024

Exciting Developments in Ground Segment Interoperability

We are thrilled to announce that the Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability Consortium (DIFI) will be hosting its first-ever European PlugFest from 17-21 June 2024, at the UK Satellite Applications Catapult’s Harwell Campus. This event, organised by founding member ETL Systems, marks a significant milestone in testing and advancing the interoperability of ground segment technology.


Event Overview

Location: Harwell Campus, UK Satellite Applications Catapult
Dates: 17-21 June 2024

The PlugFest aims to rigorously test the digital operability of ground segment technology using the DIFI Standard. The event is divided into two main segments:

  1. Member-Only Testing: From Monday, 17 June, to Thursday morning, 20 June, DIFI members will have exclusive access to bring and test their equipment.
  2. Showcase Event: On Thursday afternoon, 20 June, the event opens to the public. The Showcase will feature a keynote address, a panel session, product demonstrations, and discussions with participating companies.


Building on past events

The last DIFI PlugFest, hosted by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions in Colorado Springs, USA, saw impressive results. With 25 engineers testing 13 vendor technologies at the 1.1 standard level, nearly 90% of the planned interoperability tests were successful. This event proved the DIFI Standard’s core functionality in ensuring interoperability among various vendor systems.

In the upcoming UK PlugFest, the focus will extend to testing products for compatibility at both the 1.1 and the new 1.2 standard levels. Stuart Daughtridge, DIFI’s Chairman and Kratos’ Vice President of Advanced Technology, highlighted the range of test profiles used in the previous PlugFest, which varied from low to high sample rates and bit depths. He expressed optimism that the upcoming event will be equally rigorous and productive, providing valuable opportunities for engagement and networking.


Bring PlugFest to the UK

Simon Swift, Engineering Director for Digital Technologies with ETL Systems expressed his excitement and said

"We are very proud to bring this PlugFest to the UK and Europe. Our members here and internationally are keenly interested in interoperability as a means of continuing the innovations that are taking place at teleports and the ground segment of the satellite industry,” .


DIFI Membership

The mission of DIFI is to develop, evolve and drive the adoption of standards that will lead to the biggest digital transformation in the industry’s history. Standardisation will reduce costs, increase resilience, unleash innovation and scale up satellite’s global share of telecom, IT and GIS markets.

For more information about joining DIFI visit their website.