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ETL Systems, world leaders in RF distribution and satellite communications, have designed market-leading Falcon frequency converters. The Falcon range offers multiple hot-swap converters and options for redundancy in the same compact 1U chassis. It has greater module capacity than any other converter currently on the market, providing space and cost savings.


The range includes upconverters and downconverters, with both agile and block conversion options available. The Falcon chassis can contain up to 5 hot-swap up-converter and downconverters in the same 1U rack mounted habitat. Outdoor units are now also available for mounting direct to the antenna.

The chassis can be configured with any choice of conversion modules to meet your specific needs, including a mixture of up and down converters, agile and block. Falcon covers operating frequencies including Ka, Ku, K, C, X, L and IF-band ensuring there is a suitable option for every application and requirement.

GnsThe design includes hot swap, redundant PSUs, hot-swap modules and fans, and field-replaceable CPU, HMI & internal 10MHz cards. Falcon also utilises the latest security software, including SNMPv3 and HTTPS, helping to protect your ground segment and ensure it is future-fit.


The frequency converters are highly resilient. Falcon is ideally suited for growing teleports that want to future-proof their expansion. Other typical applications include within teleports and earth stations, by satellite operators, Government and defence, telemetry, tracking & command (TT&C) and applications demanding high resilience.

The compact 1U habitat offers integrated, hot-swap 2+1 and 1+1 redundancy within the same converter chassis, the only comparable product to do so at the time of writing.

Sinan Yildiz, System Integration Engineer at Pals Electronics commented:

"ETL Systems has an exceptional research and development team, which we have worked with for years and on multiple key projects. In this instance not only were we recommending ETL’s modular frequency converters, but they were also requested by Türksat for this project. The reputation for excellent performance and reliability is now available at an even better cost point, thanks to new modular Genus technology,”


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