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Waveguide and Coaxial Filters for Mobile Interference

Have you experienced interference from terrestrial mobile in C-band and Ka-band?

Since C-band has been opened for mobile use, teleport operators have increasingly been subject to operations being disrupted by interference from terrestrial mobile in C-band and Ka-band ranges.


The interference reduction RF component range

ETL's C-band Waveguide and Coaxial Filters provide a compact, high performance solution, that can support and protect C-band ground station infrastructure from 5G interference issues.


C-band Waveguide Filters

ETL's RF Component Waveguide filters are designed to filter out 5G (F-WGC1-714077) and radar frequencies (F-WGC1-714044), providing users with a C-band signal without interference.

We can offer customisable pass and stop bands and rejection levels.

We have many standard filters available and we can optimise for your specific RF requirement.

C-band Coaxial Filters

ETL's RF Component coaxial filter F-BPC1-714045 operates at C-band (3.4-3.8 GHz).

We can offer standard and customisable coaxial filters to meet your specific RF requirements.

For custom build C-band coaxial filters, get in touch with the RF component team.

Customisation of pass bands & rejection levels

Customisation of pass bands and rejection levels are also available to meet your specific RF filtering requirement