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Offsetting Greenhouse Gases with DHL GOGREEN in 2020

ETL Systems are offsetting Greenhouse Gases with DHL GOGREEN in 2020

ETL Systems are pleased to share that in 2020 we offset a total of 83,913.34 kg C0²e with DHL's GoGreen Climate Neutral services.

Our involvement in the GoGreen sustainability projects has meant that our supply chain has become greener and we are moving in the direction of more climate-friendly logistics processes.


What effect does the GoGreen PROGRAM have?

The program’s main objective is to reduce and/or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants.

By signing up to a carbon neutral shipping service we provide our customers with an environmentally responsible shipping option of all ETL products.

In turn, by reducing our carbon footprint we are helping to reduce the global impact of climate change. 

The carbon offset GoGreen program is a way to balance out emissions by paying for emission savings in other parts of the world. This compensates for the emissions created by the supply chain and funding projects that save equivalent carbon dioxide elsewhere. 

More information about ETL's green credentials can be foundhere.


Which global projects have benefitted from the GoGreen Program?

Deutsche Post DHL Group has offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by transportation and logistics through global climate protection projects including Hydro energy in Laos, Wind energy in Aruba and India and energy from landfill gas in Chile to name a few.

The GoGreen project portfolio supports a diverse mix of projects worldwide to offset emissions and projects are selected based on their environmental and local community benefits.

Learn more about the projects DHL GoGreen has been involved in, here.


What is the GoGreen Service from DHL?

Get more information on how the GoGreen program works,  here.

ETL Systems GoGreen 2020 Certificate - through DHL's GoGreen Climate Neutral Services