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About Atlantic Microwave

It's been 2 years since ETL successfully acquired Atlantic Microwave and a lot has changed in that time.

Atlantic Microwave are our subsidiary company who design and manufacture satcom RF test equipment for the satcom market.

About Atlantic Microwave

Atlantic Microwave are manufacturers and distributors of RF and microwave equipment, components and interconnects to the satcom, telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, defence and scientific research industries.
About Atlantic Microwave

With over 30 years global experience, Atlantic Microwave offer a wide range of complementary test and measurement equipment to ETL's range of RF distribution products.


To meet the different satellite simulation and loop back testing requirements of the satellite industry, Atlantic have created an extensive range of innovative satcom test equipment, which works well with our RF distribution products.



Satellite Simulators are a cost effective, cable-less test solution that enable RF testing of satellite communication systems without the need of cabling.

Satellite simulators give a loop-back test from Satcom terminals without the need to access the satellite. Ideally suited for indoor and in-field testing of mobile satellite terminals such as SNG trucks and outside broadcast systems off-satellite.

Depending on your requirement there are portable and battery options, multi-path, indoor and weatherised solutions also available.
Atlantic Microwaves Satellite Simulators are ideally suited for SNG truck and mobile applications


Test loop translators (TLTs) are designed to simulate a satellite link for test and alignment purposes in earth station systems and mobile earth stations such as SNG trucks.
Atlantic Microwaves Test Loop Translators are a cabled testing solution, providing high accuracy signal testing.

Atlantic's Test Loop Translators are a cabled solution which is connected via coaxial cable, used for system testing, measurement and calibration of satellite systems during advanced test phases. Providing accurate signal testing and verification before making an antenna terminal live. 

Atlantic Microwave offer dual test loop translators for when ground stations are operating on 2 different frequency bands, making it possible to test both signals simultaneously using the same TLT. 


Noise generators are a useful and cost effective solution for producing signals to simulate multi-tone signals in a real world scenario.

Atlantic offers manual broadband and ethernet control broadband noise generators, available in a bench or 19" rack mount.
Atlantic Microwave's bench and 19" rack mounted noise generators


Signal generators are a versatile and economical solution where there is a need to input microwave frequencies for test purposes at remote locations or where signal testing is required.

Atlantic's ethernet controlled signal generator and portable miniature signal generators provide testing of frequency bands from UHF to Q-band in applications such as antenna sites, radar systems and equipment cabins related to satcoms.
Atlantic Microwaves Mini Signal Generator is portable for testing on the move


In addition to their rack mounted test equipment, Atlantic also sell RF components, cables, cable assemblies and accessories

Atlantic, like ETL, are also very focused on customisation of their RF range so are well aligned with ETL's reputation for custom build products.
Atlantic Microwave also offer RF Components, cables and accessories


Atlantic work with some of the leading manufacturers of high reliability components and supply to the global market place via representatives and distributors worldwide.

The design and support services Atlantic Microwave offer are used by customers in Aerospace, Military and Scientific applications. This includes QMICS (Quantum Microwave for Communications and Sensing).


In 2021, Atlantic Microwave expanded their product offering with the introduction of Antennas for satcom testing.

The expansion of Atlantic's test and measurement range was to meet the rising demand of constant connectivity & zero downtime.

The new Antenna range includes Horn, Patch and Spiral antennas that can transmit signals at frequencies from 0.5 GHz up to 40 GHz.
Atlantic Microwave launch new range of Antennas

These Antennas are suited to applications where conducted cabling testing and signal distribution is not practical or possible with cable or Fibre.



Like ETL, Atlantic Microwave are known for their expertise creating custom RF solutions.
Whether its a standard off-the-shelf product or a custom build that you require, the team can create a solution to meet your specific satcom needs.