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RF Matrix/Routers for LEO Ground Stations

Our range of 33 L-band Matrices is more than double the range of our nearest competitor. Meaning it is broader and deeper, enabling us to offer our customers exactly the right solution for their requirements.

Our RF Matrix range is engineered specifically to adapt to LEO antenna hub requirements with small or large matrices available for your specific application


For Modem Redundancy & Dedicated Antenna Hubs



The compact 1U Hawk 15 quad 4x4 RF Matrix is ideally suited for signal routing at smaller LEO gateways with a number of modems where redundancy is required. With capacity for up to 4 field serviceable and replaceable distributive or combining 4x4 matrix modules, for uplink and downlink purposes.


DUAL 8X8 UPLINK & DOWNLINK - (500-2450 MHz)

The configurable 1U Hawk 11 dual 8x8 RF Matrix with gain control is ideally suited for modem redundancy at dedicated antenna hubs. With capacity for up to 2 field serviceable 8x8 Matrix modules, which can be combining (fan-in) or distributive (fan-out) or a mixture of both for uplink and downlink applications.


16x16 Downlink / 16x16 Uplink - (50-2500 MHz)

With choice of distributive or combining chassis, 16x16 1U Victor downlink/uplink RF Matrices are ideally suited for smaller LEO ground station applications. The Victor operates at Ka-band ready frequency and the full-fan out / full fan-in matrices also offer variable gain.

The VTR-71 distributive switch matrix and VTRC-71 combining switch matrix provide compact, high density routing with additional resilience from hot-swap dual redundant fan modules and dual redundant power supplies. The matrix also offers software enabled expansion providing flexibility to scale LEO teleports up.

Larger RF Matrices

For shared modems, modem redundancy and capacity flexibility


32X32 FAN-IN-FAN-OUT - (850-2450 MHz)

The Ensign FIFO 6U RF Matrix is aimed at LEO applications with shared modems where redundancy and capacity flexibility is required. FIFO allows multiple inputs to be combined and the combined signal can then be routed (distributed) to multiple outputs. This typically allows modems access to multiple uplink chains, but it can be also used as a transmit and receive matrix for smaller teleports.

The fan-in-fan-out RF Matrix provides flexibility for LEO teleports offering a small fan-in or small fan-out option with the added resilience of hot-swap single input/output RF cards.


64X64 UPLINK / DOWNLINK - (850-2450 MHz)

The new generation distributive or combining 64x64 Vortex 5U RF Matrix is a scalable solution for LEO gateways, with capacity flexibility offering the choice of up to 64x64 or smaller.

The high resilience Vortex is available as a distributive (VTX-100) or combining (VTXC-100) Matrix depending on teleport requirements and also benefits from hot-swap and field serviceable active components and secure communication features via SNMPv3 and HTTPS.

The Matrices provide flexibility for LEO teleports offering a small uplink or small downlink option with additional resilience and security  functions.

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