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GPS Over Fibre for position, navigation and timing (PNT) applications

ETL's range of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) RF components work typically in position, navigation and timing (PNT) applications.

The GPS (global positioning system) and GNSS RF distribution products from ETL provide a reliable method for distributing GPS synchronisation and timing signals from a single antenna, for GPS applications.


ETL Systems RF Components in the GPS and GNSS Chain

GPS Over Fibre

GPS Over Fibre provides a secure and reliable method for transporting signals from GPS antennas to receivers up to 10km in distance with minimal signal degradation.

ETL offer rack mounted GPS over fibre solutions or standalone RF to optical component modules in a indoor (IDU) and outdoor (ODU) IP65 rated enclosure, where space saving is required.


- Compatible with all GNSS bands
- GPS L1 and L2 frequencies
- Protects GPS receivers from potential lightning damage
- Ideal for government and secure networks
- MiFID II standard for financial institutions and data centres
GPS Over Fibre -ODU from ETL Systems

Other GPS RF Components 

Ideally suited for timing and reference applications

- GPS Amplifiers / Galileo Amplifiers / GLONASS Amplifiers / BeiDou Amplifiers

- GPS Splitter / Galileo Splitters / GLONASS Splitters / BeiDou Splitters / GPS Antenna Splitter

- GPS lightning arrestors

- GPS Attenuators



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