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Customisable RF components for 5G Interferance

Ultra compact, high performance RF components to enhance C-band ground station infrastructure.

ETL Systems RF components for 5G applications

ETL's range of super-compact RF components for C-band applications are customisable to meet your specific RF requirement. Choose from Waveguide and Coaxial filters to filter out 5G frequencies and C-band Circulators to improve return loss.



C-band Waveguide Filters

ETL's RF component waveguide filters are designed to filter out 5G frequencies, providing users with a C-band signal without interferance. We can offer customisable pass and stop bands and rejection levels.

We have many standard filters available and we can optimise for your specific RF requirement.

C-band Coaxial Filters

ETL's RF component coaxial filter F-BPC1-714045 operates at C-band (3.4-3.8 GHz). We can offer standard and customisable coaxial filters to meet your specific RF requirements. View the datasheet here.

C-band Circulators

ETL's RF component coaxial circulator CIR01C3P-750003 operates at C-band (5.1 - 5.85 GHz). The wideband frequency is suitable for most C-band applications. For custom build isolators and circulators please get in touch with the RF component team.