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Quantum Computing (QC) & Cryogenic RF Components

Atlantic Microwave Quantum Computing (QC) & Cryogenic RF Components

ETL Systems subsidiary company, Atlantic Microwave, offer a range of high quality Cryogenic RF Components with the capability of performing at extremely low temperatures.

Atlantic Microwave works closely with a number of UK and overseas universities on advanced scientific research in the areas of radio astronomy, particle physics and high energy physics as well as state-of-the-art communications technologies.

Basics of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing (QC) is based on Quantum Mechanics which is the theory of atomic and sub atomic particle developed in the last century.  Quantum Mechanics is very different to what we observe in classical mechanics. 

Quantum Computing uses qubits which are particle superpositions at the atomic/sub-atomic level. The quantum state is extremely delicate (coherent when it's in the quantum state). This requires cryogenic mK temperatures to minimise atomic movement as well as providing a zero-vibration environment. Excitation in the quantum states is provided by microwaves or magnetic fields.

There are various qubit techniologies and the ones that require cryogenic cooling are; Adiabatic/ Annealing, Superconducting, Spin Q-bit, Topological. 

Conventional electronic transistor based computing is likely to reach its technological limit  within the near future, driving the need for QC.  
The QC market is growing and the major factors driving the growth include rising incidences of cybercrimes, early adoption of QC in the defence and automotive industry and increasing investment by Government entities in the market. 

RF Components for Cryogenic applications


Offering a variety of fixed attenuators in popular and speciality RF coaxial connectors in many power and frequency ranges. Mixed sex, mixed connector types and various mounting and body styles are also available. Available from 1 watt to 300 watts and DC to 65 GHz.

RF Cables

Offering a range of coaxial and test cables. Coaxial cables are a versatile solution to equipment and and subassembly cabling without the need for detailed design of semi-rigids.  Test cables are designed for general purpose laboratory equipment where high performance, flexibility and low loss are key.

Isolators & Circulators

Designed for low power applications in communications, test and measurement and scientific research applications requiring good RF performance in a compact and economic package. Custom designs, higher input power and load rating also available.  


Pin diode switches available in single pole single throw, single pole two throw and multi-way with TTL control, high isolation and low insertion loss. Operating frequency ranges include 0.02 - 18 GHz.


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