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WG11A / WR229/ R40 C-band Waveguide Bandpass Filter - For Radar Interference


  • Description

    Model F-WGC1-714044 is designed to filter out radar frequencies, providing users with a C-band signal without interference.

    F-WGC1-714044 WG11A/ WR229/ R40 C-band (3800 - 4200 MHz) waveguide bandpass filter with 0.5 dB max insertion loss.

    Rejection for radar ≥30 dB @4230-4400 MHz, ≥50 dB @4400-4500 MHz, ≥70 dB @5850-6500 MHz. Rejection for 5G  ≥50 dB @ 3750 MHz,  ≥80 dB @ 3400 MHz. Fitted with CPR229G & CPR229F Flanges.

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CPR229 Groove & CPR229 Flat
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