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Scorpion Component Mounting Chassis


  • Description

    ETL's RF Component Scorpion 1U mounting chassis shelf.

    For use with Scorpion mounting plates & compatible RF Component modules.

    Configurable with Amplifier, Coupler, Fibre Optic and Splitter and Combiner modules.

    The chassis can accommodate modules with a variety of connectors and impedances.

  • Dimensions

    The Scorpion chassis is 1U high x 105mm deep x 19 inches wide.

  • Configurations

    The Scorpion can be populated with a mixture of configurations:

    - Up to 8 modules (modules that are half-width)

    - Up to 4 modules (modules that are full width)

    - A mixture of modules (2 full widths and 4 half-widths)

    Please check the physical dimensions on the product datasheet for module sizes.

  • Module Sizes

    Full width module

    200 MM - Includes 4-way and 8-way Splitter and Combiner Modules

    Half width module 

    95.30 MM - Includes 2-way Splitters and Combiners, Amplifiers, Couplers and Fibre Modules


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