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Swift 2+1 Redundancy Switch Module with Standby Inputs and Outputs - DC-6 GHz


  • Description

    Model SWF-G1S-CX-110A is a 2:1 latching RF redundancy switch module with standby inputs and outputs for use in a 1U Genus chassis alongside Falcon frequency converter modules.

    Covering an Input/Output frequency range of DC to 6 GHz.

    Integrated Converter Redundancy - each Falcon redundancy module uses 6 slots per 1U Chassis, to be used alongside our Falcon upconverter and downconverter modules.

    Offering hot-swap & field-replaceable 2+1 frequency converter redundancy, entirely contained in a 1U converter chassis. Without the need for a separate chassis for the redundancy switch. 

    Converter redundancy options - 1+1 or 2+1 redundant configuration options (with standby input / output) are available in the Falcon redundancy switch range.

    Resilience - the redundant switch module is hot-swap and field replaceable by the user, minimising downtime. For full RF specifications, please check the datasheet.

    GENUS CHASSIS FAMILY - The swift range of modules can be used for other redundancy configurations within the Genus chassis family.

  • Configurations

    Each Falcon conversion chassis has 17 module slots.

    2 slots are required for mandatory 10MHz reference source and fan.

    Leaving 15 module slots for other RF modules.

    Depending on the configuration the chassis can house up to 5 conversion modules or 3 conversion modules and a redundancy switch.

    Maximum converter module capacity in the chassis is dependent upon the application required.

    Module sizes

    • 1 slot wide - for 10MHz reference source 
    • 1 slot wide - for fan
    • 3 slots wide - for Falcon Up/Down Conversion modules
    • 6 slots wide - for Swift Redundancy Switch modules
    • The swift range of modules can be used for other redundancy configurations within the Genus chassis family.


  • Benefits
    • Integrated redundancy within the Falcon RF converter chassis - each module is 6 slots wide
    • Can have up to 3 block or agile, up or down converter modules and 1 redundancy module in a 1U chassis
    • Only 1 chassis is required for frequency conversion & redundancy.
    • Eliminates the requirement for a 2nd redundancy chassis - saving rack space and power
    • 1+1 redundancy or 2+1 redundancy switch module options depending on the application


Title Model No. Price Datasheets
Input / Output DC to 6GHz - Output / Input DC to 6GHz