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Victor IF / extended L-band Matrix (Uplink) 16 x 16


  • Description

    The Victor is a IF / Extended L-band combining (full fan-in) Matrix. It has a module capacity of 16 Inputs x 16 Outputs, 50-2500MHz - KA-band ready frequency and features local and remote control and variable gain, all housed in a compact 1U high shelf.

    Model VTRC-71 provides enhanced features such as software enabled expansion, providing the flexibility of being able to purchase a part populated Victor (starting from 4 inputs x 4 outputs) and then expanding the inputs and outputs (up to 16 inputs x 16 outputs) via a software key.

  • Benefits

    Key benefits:

    - Variable gain on each input, to follow for signal balancing. 

    - Covering IF/L-band frequencies with extended L-band as an option.

    - Simple 'plug & go' installation. 

    - Compact 1U chassis, ideal for restricted rack space.

    For full technical specifications, please see the product datasheet.

  • Application

    Typical Applications: 

    - Live news & sport traffic especially in SNG or OB trucks. 

    - Oil & Gas applications. 

    - RF content acquisition for TVRO * IPTV headends. 

    - RF distribution in cruise liners or luxury yachts. 

  • Matrix Type

    Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

    Full Fan-in Matrix (or combining matrix): many inputs can be routed to each output.

    In general, our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.

  • Matrix Sizes

    The Victor Matrix has a full capacity of 16 inputs x 16 outputs, but can be supplied part-populated, and expanded in single increments. 

    For other sizes please see;

    Enigma Matrix - Up to 32 input x 32 output (populated in increments of 1)

    Hurricane Matrix - up to 64 inputs x 64 outputs (populated by increments of 8)

    Vortex Matrix - Up to 64 inputs x 64 outputs (populated in increments of 16)

    Vulcan Matrix - Up to 128 inputs x 128 outputs (populated in increments of 8) 

Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 ohm BNC
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75 ohm BNC
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75 ohm F-type
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50 ohm SMA
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