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Valiant IF / L-band Matrix (Downlink) 16 x 32


  • Description

    16 Inputs x 32 Outputs Distributive Hot-swap Valiant IF / L-band Matrix provides hot-swap power supplies, CPU and RF cards.

    The Valiant IF / L-band Matrix operates over 50-2450MHz and is housed in a compact 3U 19" rack enclosure. It has a module capacity of 16 inputs x 32 outputs.

    Please see Enigma range for systems covering the bandwidth of 50-2450 MHz, larger than 16 x 32.

    A variety of impedances and connector types are available.

  • Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    - 50 - 2450 MHz operating frequency range

    - Local control & monitoring via front panel push buttons & LCD display

    - Compact 16 x 32 matrix housed in a 3U high chassis

    - Remote control & monitoring via serial & RJ45 Ethernet port with SNMP & web browser interface

    - Resilience from dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap RF modules & hot-swap CPU

  • Application

    Typical applications:

    - Live news & sport traffic for smaller applications

    - SNG or Outside Broadcast Trucks

    - RF content acquisition for smaller TVRO & IPTV headends

    - RF distribution in larger cruise liners or luxury yachts • Remote controlled unmanned satcom sites

  • Matrix Types

    Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

    Full Fan-out Matrix (or fully distributive or splitting matrix): any input can be routed to any output. One input can be routed to many outputs. Each output can only have one input. Tends to be more RX.

    In general, our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.

Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 ohm BNC
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75 ohm BNC
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75 ohm F-type
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50 ohm SMA
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