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Optimus L-band Matrix (Downlink) configurable Quad 4 x 16, Dual 4 x 32, Single 4 x 64


  • Description

    The Optimus Matrix provides compact form factor, flexible configurations, hot-swap of active components, and remote control via a PC and / or from IRD’s via 13/18V 22KHz tone.

    The matrix comprises 4 RF switch cards plus an input module which are combined to provide a shelf with quad 4 x 16, dual 4 x 32, or a single 4 x 64 matrix in a 4U high 19” shelf.

    The RF modules can be hot-swapped, as can the dual redundant PSU’s and CPU. Optimus also provides LNB Powering which can be remotely (via Ethernet port) set to 0/13/18V with 22KHz tone. LNB current monitoring can also be done via the Ethernet port. A dry contact alarm port is provided on the rear panel for PSU failure.

    A variety of impedances and connector types are available, as shown below.

  • Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    - Configurable as quad 4 x 16, dual 4 x 32 or single 4 x 64 matrices

    - Dual Redundant Hot-Swap PSU’s

    - Hot-swap CPU card

    - Hot-swap RF modules

    - Remote PC & IRD control

    - 13/18V LNB Powering & 22KHz tone

    - Ethernet monitoring & control

    - Dry contact alarm port for PSU failure

    - Choice of multiswitch or RF matrix mode

    - Minimal impact of failure with dual redundant power supplies

  • Application

    Typical Applications

    - Live news & sport traffic. 

    - Satellite communications applications in teleports, and ground stations.

    - Signal monitoring of satellite traffic.

    - RF content acquisition for TVRO &IPTV head ends.

    - Remote controlled unmanned satcom sites.

  • Matrix Type

    Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

    Full Fan-out Matrix (or fully distributive or splitting matrix): any input can be routed to any output. One input can be routed to many outputs. Each output can only have one input. Tends to be more RX.

    In general, our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.

Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 ohm BNC
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75 ohm BNC
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75 ohm F-type
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50 ohm SMA
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