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Harrier Extended L-band Matrix (Downlink) 128 x 128


  • Description

    The Harrier is a distributive (full fan-out)  L-band Matrix with a module capacity of 128 inputs x 128 outputs with features to suit specific RF needs for each satellite feed. The configurable matrix design offers a range of input and output module options (IO modules) including fibre inputsvariable gainLNB power modules and our standard passive input or output module.

    ETL's ultra compact 10U Matrix also has integrated LNB powering. 

    It is used to provide flexibility in the routing of antennas to receivers or modems; to allow remote routing of satellite signals to receivers or modems; and to help optimise the use of receiving capacity.

    The matrix can be supplied part populated and expanded from 8x8 up to 128x128 in blocks of 8.

    A variety of impedances and connector types are available.

  • Benefits

    CONFIGURABLE individual input and output modules with features to suit specific RF needs for each satellite feed. Features include passive or active modules, variable gain, variable slope, LNB powering and optical fibre inputs. IO (Input and Output) modules can be mixed and configured to exact earth station requirements within the same matrix.

    COMPACT 10U high chassis providing 128 inputs x 128 outputs with integrated LNB powering. Expandable in blocks of 8.

    MINIMAL DOWNTIME in the unlikely event of a failure all active components can be hot-swapped without the need to re-boot the matrix.

    POWER SAVINGS as only active signal routes are powered. This provides a greatly reduced power consumption compared to traditional matrices.

    MINIMAL TRAINING with capacitive touchscreen controls, more intuitive HMI and an improved web browser interface.

    For full technical specifications, please see the product datasheet.

  • Matrix Types

    NON BLOCKING this means any input can be routed to any output

    FULL FAN OUT MATRIX (or fully distributive or splitting matrix) any input can be routed to any output. One input can be routed to many outputs. Each output can only have one input. Tends to be more RX.

    In general, our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking

Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 Ohm SMA
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50 Ohm BNC
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75 Ohm BNC
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75 Ohm F-type
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