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IF Enigma IF Matrix (uplink) 32 x 32


  • Description

    The L-band matrix is used to provide flexibility in the routing of antennas to receivers or modems; to allow remote routing of satellite signals to receivers or modems; and to help optimise the use of receiving capacity.

    The Enigma IF is a combining Matrix. The Enigma Matrix is housed in a 6U 19" rack enclosure and has a module capacity of 32 inputs x 32 outputs and can be part populated to any size.

    Now in its 3rd generation, the Enigma L-band Matrix has proved to have genuinely high performance with excellent flatness or frequency response, excellent isolation, and linearity - a truly leading-edge L-band Router. The Enigma L-band Switch matrix can also be incorporated into an overall automatic redundancy Network Management System to enhance the resilience of the overall earth station equipment.

    A variety of impedances and connector types are available..

  • Benefits

     Key benefits: 

    Inputs and outputs can be expanded in single and dual increments.

    - Simple 'plug & go' installation. 

    - Expansion of RF Matrix to 512 x 512.

    - Continuous on-board monitoring and reporting of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.

    - Reliability in service with hot-swappable active components.

    - All settings are retained after a communications/power failure.

    - Touchscreen and VGA display with remote connection via RS232/485 serial and RJ45 Ethernet ports.

    - Web Browser Interface is provided as standard with the Enigma L-band Switch Matrix

  • Applications

    Typical Applications

    - Live news & sport traffic. 

    - Satellite communications applications in teleports, and ground stations.

    - Signal monitoring of satellite traffic.

    - RF content acquisition for TVRO &IPTV head ends.

    - Remote controlled unmanned satcom sites.

    - Test environment applications such as lab resource testing, net mobility testing & large scale wireless testing.

  • Matrix Types

    Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

    Full Fan-in Matrix (or combining matrix): many inputs can be routed to each output.

    In general our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.



  • Matrix Sizes

    The Enigma Matrix has a full capacity of 32 inputs x 32 outputs, but can be supplied part-populated in single input / output increments - such as 15x25 or 32x16.  It can then be hot expanded to 32x32.  Larger systems can be made using multiple (Enigma) modules with system splitters and / or combiners – such as 32x64 or 32x128 up to a maximum of 512x512.

    We also have modules with other capacities - please see;

    Victor Matrix - Up to 16 input x 16 output (populated in increments of 4)

    Hurricane Matrix - up to 64 inputs x 64 outputs (populated by increments of 8)

    Vortex Matrix - Up to 64 inputs x 64 outputs (populated in increments of 16)

    Vulcan Matrix - Up to 128 inputs x 128 outputs (populated in increments of 8) 

Connector Type Model No. Datasheets
50 ohm BNC
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75 ohm BNC
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75 ohm F-type
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50 ohm SMA
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