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Ensign Fan-in Fan-out (FIFO) extended L-band Matrix with variable gain 32 x 32


  • Description

    The Ensign Extended L-band with Variable Gain Matrix operates over the 850 -2450MHz frequency range and is both Fan-In and Fan-Out (FIFO), which means that multiple inputs can be combined and the combined signal can then be routed (distributed) to multiple outputs. This is typically to allow modems access to multiple uplink chains, but it can also be used as a Transmit and Receive matrix for smaller teleports or ground stations.

    A range of RF connectors and impedances are available, including BNC, Ftype and SMA in 50 Ω or 75 Ω. Model numbers will vary.

  • Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    - Switching flexibility with the ability to split and combine feeds at the same time (FIFO)

    - 0-5 dB Variable gain to balance input signals

    - 850 - 2450 MHz operating frequency range

    - Compact up to 32 inputs x 32 outputs housed in a 6U high chassis

    - Local control & monitoring via front panel VGA touchscreen

    - Self diagnostics with continuous monitoring of amplifiers, CPU’s & PSU’s

    - Minimal impact from failure with hot -swap single input & output RF cards, dual power supplies, dual CPU’s, fans & VGA interface

    - Expansion in single increments or with additional matrix modules for larger systems

    - Resilience from dual redundant power supplies & CPU modules

    - Remote control & monitoring via RJ45 Ethernet port with SNMP & web browser interface

    - Dry contact alarm port & serial communications for amplifier & power supply status

  • Application

    Typical applications:

    - MEO / LEO uplink chains

    - Downlink & uplinks for smaller teleport.

  • Matrix Types

    Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

    Full Fan-in - Fan-out (FIFO): multiple inputs can be combined and the combined signal can then be routed (distributed) to multiple outputs.

    In general, our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.

  • Matrix Size

    The Ensign Matrix has a full capacity of 32 inputs x 32 outputs, but can be supplied part-populated in single input / output increments - such as 15x25 or 32x16.  It can then be hot expanded to 32x32.  Larger systems can be made using multiple (Ensign) modules with system splitters and / or combiners – such as 32x64 or 32x128 up to a maximum of 512x512.

    We also have modules with other capacities - please see;

    Victor Matrix - Up to 16 input x 16 output (populated in increments of 4)

    Hurricane Matrix - up to 64 inputs x 64 outputs (populated by increments of 8)

    Vortex Matrix - Up to 64 inputs x 64 outputs (populated in increments of 16)

    Vulcan Matrix - Up to 128 inputs x 128 outputs (populated in increments of 8) 

Connector Type Model No. Datasheets
50 ohm BNC
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75 ohm BNC
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75 ohm F-type
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50 ohm SMA
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