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26128 Modular L-band Splitter active 4-way with AGC & manual variable gain (1-28dB)/ slope (0-12dB) & RF level monitor - MULTI


  • Description

    Model 26128-DIV421-XXXX, is an L-band (850-2350MHz) active 4-way splitter module card with 1-28 dB variable gain, 0-12 dB variable slope compensation and RF detection on the inputs. The module can be operated in automatic gain mode (AGC) or manual gain mode.

    It is designed to be housed in a Model 26128 modular system chassis, which holds up to 16 splitter modules. The chassis benefits from hot-swap RF cards, dual redundant hot-swap power supplies for reliability in service and a hot-swap CPU module.

    Remote control and monitoring is via RJ45 Ethernet port with SNMP and web browser interface.

    The modular system chassis can hold a mix of RF cards including splitters, combiners, amplifiers, switches and attenuators, providing flexible signal management in a compact housing.

    The chassis is 4U high x 450mm deep x 19" wide shelf and is available in the impedances and connector types shown below.

Connector Type Model No. Datasheets
50 ohm BNC
75 ohm BNC
75 ohm F-type
50 ohm SMA

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