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PIRANHA LNB Power Inserter Module with 10MHz injection and RF/DC monitoring


  • Description

    Model PRN-L109-XXXX, Piranha series LNB DC Power Inserter, mixed impedance module where the DC must be on the 50 ohm port. With selectable 0/13/18V LNB powering and 22kHz tone and 10MHz injection on to port 2 is switchable on/off when housed in the 10MHz chassis Model PRN-15. 

    The module is designed to be housed in either Piranha Power Inserter Chassis, PRN-10 or PRN-15.

    RESILIENCE - Hot swap power inserter module

    CONTROL & MONITORING - LNB current and RF power in monitoring of the module is possible locally via push buttons on the front panel and remotely via an Ethernet port on the rear panel of the chassis which it is housed in.

    For the relevant datasheet, please select a chassis below.

Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 ohm BNC Input / 75 ohm F-type Output
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50 ohm BNC Input / 75 ohm BNC Output
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50 ohm SMA Input / 75 ohm F-Type Output
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50 ohm SMA Input / 75 ohm BNC Output
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