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Frequency Converter

What is a frequency converter?

Frequency Converters are used to translate a band of signals from one frequency to another.

ETL's Falcon Frequency Converter range offers upconverters, downconverters, agile and block in a compact 1U GENUS modular chassis. Operating across Ka, Ku, K, C, X, L and IF-band spectrum and available as an indoor or outdoor unit. 

Falcon positions itself as the preferred choice for teleports, earth stations, satellite operations, government and defence applications, telemetry, tracking, command, and high-resilience scenarios

Flexible module configurations allow multiple Falcon frequency converters can be housed within a GENUS chassisDepending on your requirements these could be all upconverters, all downconverters, or a mix of both. 

Field-serviceable and replaceable modules including the hot-swappable dual redundant power supplies and field replaceable CPU.

Redundancy configurations 2+1 and 1+1 are available within the converter chassis, meaning that a separate chassis for redundancy is not required.

Latest security software, the complete Falcon range is equipped with SNMPv3 and HTTPS, helping to future-proof your ground segment.

The difference between Falcon and Falcon2

Falcon2 has superior RF performance and advanced cooling fans, along with superior phase noise and enhanced spurious specifications.

Create a conversion chassis to meet your exact needs, using our configuration guide.

40 Products
40 Products