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Alto Plus L-band 1+1 Redundant Amplifier Chassis with mon ports, 15-45dB gain, 24dB 1dBGC, 2.4dB NF - user selectable


  • Description

    1+1 Redundant ALTO Plus Amplifier with high linearity and low noise settings, 30 dB variable gain and RF monitoring at the input and output ports. 1U high x 450mm deep x 19" wide shelf with 50Ω N-type, 50Ω SMA and 50Ω BNC connectors.

    Model 25700 can be operated in one of three modes: Optimum Noise, Optimum Linearity or Optimum Compromise. See mode types tab for more detail.

    Resilience and reliability is provide by dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies for reliability in service and hot-swap amplifier modules.

  • Mode Types

    Model 25700 can be operated in one of three modes:

    • - OPTIMUM NOISE: Maintains the lowest noise figure (as set by the user) across the dynamic range.
    • - OPTIMUM LINEARITY: Maintains the optimum 1dB gain compression point, OIP3 and OIP2 across the dynamic range as set by the user.
    • - OPTIMUM COMPROMISE: Provides the best trade off by maintaining low noise figure at low signal levels (high gain settings) and optimum linearity at high signal levels (lower gain settings). This model benefits from LOCAL CONTROL via push buttons and display and REMOTE CONTROL via ETHERNET port with SNMP and web browser interface.
  • Applications

    Typical Applications

    - Front end RF chain

    - Providing cable loss compensation for teleports

    - TVRO and head-ends.

  • Model Numbering

    Click here to view a schematic which explains the alto Amplifier model numbering system.

  • Superseded Altos

    The success of ETL's Alto Amplifiers means that the range of different modules/requirements is growing very fast. Rather than proliferating new chassis model numbers, we have updated our model numbering scheme to split chassis (many of which are common) and modules.

    Click here to view a reference table for the superseded Alto model numbers and what they have been updated to. This may help you when requesting for a quote or placing an order.

Connector Type Model No. Price Datasheets
50 ohm N-type
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50 ohm SMA
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50 ohm BNC
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